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8 Ways to Update Facebook That Your Fans Will Love

Facebook can be used in a very powerful way to build a community around your brand. It gives you the perfect opportunity to build loyalty,love and awareness amongst a large community. Social media is for people to socialize though which is where alot of business go wrong. People log on to interact with friends and brands, not just have advertisements spewed their way. So here are 8 simple status updates you can use to engage your fans.

Feature a Fan of the month/Week/Day

Regardless of what people say they love themselves more than anyone else on earth. The sweetest sound to humanity is the sound of your name followed by praise. So depending on the size of your fan base highlight your fans regularly. Highlight their work, interview them or simply thank them publicly for liking your page.

Ask Questions

Everyone also has an opinion, and their opinion is the most important one under Heaven. These questions don’t have to always be directly related to your product because as a fan page you are also their “friend” I have seen successful companies ask about fans weekends, hobbies and troubles. You can also get their opinion on industry related news. This is a good especially if some big in the news relates to you and your fans.

Do Market Research

Getting more specific on the questioning is doing market research. Find out what your customers want to buy from you next? Find out why they use your product and why they love your product. You can even ask what type of updates they want from you.

Ask for fan content

Every social media site ( Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.) is built around user generated content. So continue this model with your page. Ask for pics and videos of your fans using your products. Ask them to post their stories of life with your product. You will find many are happy to share. This goes back to wanting to be highlighted.

Ask fans to share your content

Sales and marketing books always talk about people being afraid to ask for the sale. Now this isn’t a tactic that I would use with every post but if you have a really good one, come right out and ask your fans to share it with their friends. Works for twitter to by asking for a retweet.

Ask them to share on the same day

Another sales tactic is putting the urgency of time around it. This can be done with timely news stories and campaigns. Want more fans, ask your fans to invite X amount of fans by the end of the day to reach a goal. You can even offer an incentive like a prize for sharing that day.

Ask for their biggest challenge

People have problems that they need solving. Help some one solve a problem and they will help make you successful. Find out what is paining you fans right now and offer ways to help or motivate your fans to help each other.

What do you think? What are other status updates you like to see from the pages you like?


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